Police special operations and armed criminal groups in Rio de Janeiro

This research conduct a scientific investigation on the impact of the so-called “police special operations” on crime rates and disputes among criminal armed groups of drug traffickers and racketeers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The objective of this research proposal is to produce evidence-based knowledge to sustain the public debate about the effects of police special operations on the issue of urban crime in Rio de Janeiro. Although police special operations cause serious collateral damages and result in thousands of deaths, they are not quantified and accounted for by official records. Moved by the data activism perspective, GENI/UFF has engaged in producing an original database on police special operations that yet needs to be improved and continued, and compared with other databases in order to address the impact of such police operations on the incidence of criminal offenses and the conflicts between criminal groups over the control of legal and illegal markets in poor neighborhoods. Our goal is to produce data that may support collective actions aimed at promoting democracy, human rights and peace in Brazil.

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

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