Mapa dos Grupos Armados do Rio de Janeiro

Territorial control is one of the distinctive characteristics of the dynamics of armed groups in Rio de Janeiro and an unavoidable variable for public security and other urban policies. Based on the importance of evidence-based policies, the institutions involved in this project gathered in the project “Map of armed groups in Rio de Janeiro in 2019” based on the rich, challenging and unexplored Disque-Denúncia database. This project proposes to consolidate this experience in an unpublished dataset that integrates the annual historical series of the map (since 2005) and its updating (from 2020 on). It also aims to cross-reference the map of armed groups with other databases on police operations, shootings, criminal reports and other important information already produced by internal and external partners. The final product will be a public tool designed to increase monitoring, transparency and decision-making capacity of various professionals in the field of public security.

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